Saturday, June 21, 2008



I really would like to visit Bukowski's grave this weekend. Angela once went with three friends of hers and they got drunk and lyed around the gravesite. She told me about his tombstone and of course only Hank himself would have a quote that reads "Don't Try" on his tombstone. I always wonder about him. I've read a ton of his work and have watched all sorts of footage about him yet I still really want to know more. There was this guy Joshua once that told me about meeting his wife in San Pedro. She invited him in and showed him photographs of the two of them. He said she seemed very lonely, yet very funny about it. She was almost like "Hey look I'm really lonely and sad isn't it funny?!". People like that can frighten me, mostly because they have become so used to their lonliness that they don't better their situation. I'm not saying she isn't bettering her situation at all but I don't really know what I'm trying to say. People really think they know everything about a person. They make up these crazy assumptions in their heads and a simple gesture can be a million things to another person. I don't really care too much about anything these days, I just want to watch really badly written films, and listen to really good music.

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