Tuesday, March 8, 2011


mi gran amiguin, hermano adanowsky,

marzo en madrid hoy toca en la sala sol

Sunday, December 26, 2010

sometimes always

i'll be there soon, running around your town with my shoelaces untied and falling all over the street
you yourself should know that i am quite dangerous when my laces are untied and that i always long for the park on the other end of the world.

i miss the sky in april and the flowers in june.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


i want to drown in your pool, i want to die next to you

Monday, September 6, 2010

the damaged

brassai photo

The day i met the king by the hands of the ancient film gods i nearly loss my eyes, and by lost my eyes I mean literally my vision grew poor. I'd never laughed so hard in my life, my face grew numb but the laughing wasn't therapeutic , it was the sky, the big grey clouds, they were the same grey clouds that filled my dreams as a 11 year old child. I didn't care that he'd be leaving tomorrow because for the time being i was walking on those ugly grey clouds and it was worth my aura turning blue.

i don't care about you baby, when the wind hits you in the face i hope you think of riding in my car up route 66 with a coffee in one hand as you ate a big piece of lemon pie, you loved pie, you loved sweets i didn't care too much for it but i stuffed my face too because you wanted to share, to share ... like young kids do in the playground. you were a big baby, and not in the way women call men big babies to offend them. in the purest sense of the word. you were pure at heart, like a child longing for acceptance, wanting to feel loved by the ants, the fireflies, the big gigantic mama cow, you wanted it all, good country people, wild babies, drowning out the sounds of people crying themselves to sleep. you wanted american flags, the king, unsweetened lemonade, lots of ketchup, drive in diners, rollerskaters, and women with disabilites. you had big gold hands, that i later realized were made of copper. i dont love you , or him, or the other, i don't care for anybody but samuel for he taught me how to drive a car.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

cine a dore y otras cosas

si a caso es muy tarde, en tu lado del mundo, 9 ahoras adelante pues no te pongas a leer este mensaje, la cosa es que yo nunca se como explicar las cosas, y menos cuando me siento asi. lo peor de todo es que no dejo que mis ojos se cieren prefiero sufrir de no dormir, y sufrir de illusiones que bien sepo no seran, y bien conosco que ni quiero estas illusiones. pero igual me encanta sufrir, sufrir con ganas, sufrir por palabras que no exsisten, momentos que pasan bajo de un farol, sin luz en un coche, con mis manos entre las tuyas. la cosa es que es facil sufrir, pero es dificil ser feliz cuando te acostumbras de la anxiedad. llega la felicidad y no sabes bien como comportarte. eres una mujer con angeles en el cielo, pero aun asi tu corazon calle en el demonio
no te precupes cariño todo se cura con el viento os vemos en el lago, el año 2012, con las manos llenas de fresas

Monday, July 19, 2010

x x x x x

everyone is going to wait for you on the mountain side

look and listen no one's gonna take you for granted if you don't let em
and you've got to live more dangerously is what i'm told on a daily basis
so if loving you is like shooting myself on the foot
than i very well am living dangerously! with NAKED FISTS I SAY with naked fists

you are not for me, i am not for you

x x x

Friday, July 2, 2010

photo by noel quintela

typical stranger, socialite, dangerous mind that i long to conquer. i was looking for some healer, wichol is what they call him. he sings in tounges, and will write you off if you aren't humble, didn't you hear ... I LOVED YOU BEFORE YOU WERE FAMOUS back in 2002 when you were rolling around on the dirt, you were on enough heroin to kill a damn army. its too bad you've gone off, better than i have that is.