Friday, June 11, 2010

the lighthouse will bring you to shore

i wanted to lye beside you the day the volcano took its toll
mother earth revenge ... i was much like a cat though i longed all my life to be a lion.
a lion not a lioness because a lioness would entail that i would worship you even when you spat on the floor
i'd much rather be the king, the king of your sky and your earth .
day and night i crawled beside you, much like a cat, less like a lion
i never longed to belong to anyone, except everytime i found a man singing bob dylan i nearly sold all my belongs to move off with him... not greatest hits dylan either..
i'm talking bootleg series, all of them, i'm talking mama you've been on my mind 1964 halloween concert
the witches made their warm milk, and i sat at the bar with satan, a gin and tonic in hand
i hope that you get better, because if you get better, than i sure as hell will stop trying to throw myself onto the train tracks

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