Sunday, April 18, 2010


killer be killed

i've been shaking for hours now, hours upon hours
they say your planes wont be able to fly for a bit
their motors have gone to shit and to be quite honest i was begging for your empty bones
today i've written you words that you once wrote me, the same ones to be quite frank but they were the only ones to describe the sudden need to be around you. i feel like a poor gentle rabbit but the truth is i'm more like a baby white tiger.
we've met here before, we crawled on these very floors even tipped over the piano knocking out the keys
you never learned to play the damn thing anyway and the stress was really starting to take its toll on you.
i fear your empty heart gentle man.. the earth is yours, the ground is mine, i will take you all over town, only in hopes that your brother's ghost will stop haunting.

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