Sunday, February 14, 2010

when birds clip their wings

Man in the blue suit,

The day that I realized that I loved you, was the day I fell in love with this here song. "How do you mean?" you ask
well I've hated this damn song ever since it was released, but now when it comes on... I can't help but think of being in the backseat crying my eyes out while it was playing loudly..... while some charming young man played it loudly on his stereo. you sat next to me and i wanted to punch you in the face but instead i cried quietly until you got out of my life, then i really let the river run wild.
but then i left, overseas. i sang loudly to different songs, but then all of them were about california, and i wanted so badly to be fighting with you on the street. instead i came on home and all of that love had stayed in madrid. i'm not in love with you anymore, but i sure do love the shit out of you.

bella medrano

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