Friday, April 24, 2009

in the time of need

you once said you wanted to get yourself a wife, and sell your boat
"why sell your boat, you can have both i'm sure"
you said that you couldn't imagine you having a boat and being married
because marriage takes away human freedom, and the boat made you feel free
"i don't know what kind of marriage you're speaking of, i know tons of married people, they are most happy and free"
it had a lot to do with a lot of things, simply because you always found yourself with women that controlled you like they controlled their pets. you had learned that behavior from a failed marriage of those older then you were.
my parents constantly were on the brink of divorce, but couldn't and cannot live without one another. "what do you think about that", he asks. "I don't really know". we started washing our feet in the tub, we sat on the edge of the tub and the water turned black. "i like when your feet get bruised and cut", he said.., "i hate it, it hurts a lot". "well then you shouldn't dance without your shoes on".

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