Sunday, February 1, 2009

last time

    The very last time you said you were going to the grocery store you came back with a bag of marbles. You said  that as a kid your dad used to bring them home after a night at the bar. You didn't know what all the fuss was about when your mum would yell at him for spending his hard earned dollars on weed and beer, you thought she was foolish because those were the things that made him happy and you swore you'd never wed a woman like your mum.  I started studying literature that year because I wanted to be an English teacher but you kept telling me to study photography because you said I was better at that than teaching. We started running around your front yard, I tied you to the tree and we threw firecrackers into the air while hitting them with baseball bats. It wasn't much interesting then because I didn't mean anything I ever said to you until you threw up all over the theater seats. That was the day I took care of you best, and yelled at you for spending all of your hard earned dollars on beer and weed. You smiled real big because it reminded you of that very thing and I left you on the floor, "find your own way home", I yelled behind me and you laid there smiling so big that you looked like a horse.  A few days later you ran your bike into my house, we laughed hysterically on the hard wood floors in the living room and started singing along to T-Rex. You took yourself less seriously then, and made it known that no other woman could take my place. You were such an epic liar and I loved you so much for it. 

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